Uber Cover Letter – Uber Marketing Manager Position

by Mai Le | Jan 12, 2019

Successful Uber Cover Letter contributed by a candidate for Uber Marketing Manager in Vietnam on 28-12-2014.

Who’s the lucky company?
For which division?
Marketing Manager
And for which office?
When did you submit this application?
What’s the formal title of the position you applied for?
Marketing Manager
How were you informed of the subsequent interviews for this?
Business person called
How long roughly did it take for you to hear back about your offer?
1 month
Via what means did you hear back about this outcome?
Is there anything you wish you should have known or prepared for prior to applying to this company?
The working hours / culture fit. This was my first big dream job with a big name company out of uni – I wish I knew that there is no such thing as dream job as everything has its perks and downsides. Also, no one cares about “big name company” once you start working. What you will care about is your daily happiness. Even though overall I had a positive experience with Uber, I wish I wasn’t so naive.
Overall, out of 10, how would you evaluate your experience applying to this company?
Finally, before you go, is there anything else you think will help other candidates get the offer here like you did?
I cold contact on Linkedin about 10+ people working at Uber and ask them for informational interviews. From those convos, some of them referred me to Uber internally. Not everyone answered my cold email but you just need to try and move on if someone doesn’t reply. Eventually, you will find someone who answers back and wants to help. Thanks to those convos, I also learned the internal language of Uber (they like the word “hustling”) and they helped me with both my application and interview process. As you can see, my Cover Letter was very informal.


Uber Cover Letter

Hi Mike,

I have been a volunteer brand ambassador of Uber since discovering the app in NYC in 2021 (always spreading the words on Twitter like this – link to my twitter and blog).

When moving back to Hanoi, Vietnam, genuinely, the first thing I thought of was that I wish Uber would be available here.
The dangerous traffic infrastructure in Vietnam has always been a great pain point. Many people have opted for taking taxis instead of motorbikes; hence there are more than 100 taxis companies in Hanoi alone. However, there are no distinct reliable and trusted brands. I personally struggle to commute every day. Uber would certainly be a lifesaver and standout in the market. Also, Asia has been known for consumerism of luxury brands. Thus, the personal experience of Uber would cater to a large population.

Furthermore, there’s a growing number of expats, nomads, and upper class in Vietnam who rely on private drivers – but once again, there are no reliable brands and trusted drivers. I would envision Uber to be able to serve in the long term for lots of customers, especially those from international schools and embassies.

I believe that my experience attending international schools and growing up in embassies around the world would specifically help Uber expand in this area. I possess a combination of analytical, creativity, and marketing skills from working on the business side of TV & Film. I also hustle on the side with personal passion projects such as organizing sold-out shows for indie artists or freelancing in social media for New York Fashion Week.

Finally, I have been lucky to travel since an 8 months old baby. A native of Hanoi, I have also lived in Vienna, Geneva, San Francisco, and New York. My experience taught me to converse and write fluently in Vietnamese, French, and English. I adapt quickly to new environments, make new friends easily, and can infiltrate the culture of a new city. I’m also a “pro” at hostel & airbnb, living out of a suitcase and can find cheap subleases at a speed rate (even in NYC!).

In sum, I’m always on the move and always ready for a new adventure – just like Uber.

I have attached my resume for your review. Here’s also a recommendation of my former supervisor “Any company who needs a person who grabs the tiger by the tail, knows social media cold and uses every tool available should consider (Name). She would be a great hire!” – David (Title, Company)

I am very excited for the opportunity of contributing and being challenged at Uber. I hope to become a part of the team launching Uber in Vietnam, APAC area, as well as around the world – improving the safety and revolutionizing the experience of transportation. I can be contacted via phone at (Phone Number) or via skype at (Skype).

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


[Name Redacted]



5/5 (2 Reviews)

Written By Mai Le

Mai worked for Goldman Sachs in London for many years as an investment banking associate. When she was at LSE, her seniors used to pass her notes of their interviews as well as their cover letters, which helped her tremendously in her job search. This site is a way for her to pay it forward, obtaining qualified materials from her friends and contributors, and building a similar community to pass the resources on to you.

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