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Degroof Petercam Part-time Corporate Finance Internship Cover Letter

Degroof Petercam Part-time Corporate Finance Internship Cover Letter

*** Contributed by a Cover Letter Library member from Belgium ***

Bank Degroof is a leading investment bank in the global financial sector for more than 140 years.
Highly successful advisory work for its clients’ needs have been essential to Bank Degroof success. This is achieved through a precise knowledge of the global economy, a smart interpretation of the world evolution and in-depth financial research. I would like to get in contact with your expertise that would greatly contribute to my understanding of finance and business.

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Master Finance Interview Questions (Covering Several Divisions)

Master Finance Interview Questions (Covering Several Divisions)

*** Report on interview questions aggregated from a number of Cover Letter Library candidates’ experiences. There may be some variations depending on the offices or other new updates to the recruitment practice by the bank – so please use this as rough reference only ***

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