Shell Internship Cover Letter – Spring Week Programme – London

by Mai Le | Jan 12, 2018

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      ShellSpring Week Programme



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Shell Internship Cover Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Application for Shell’s Spring Week 2017

I am in my second year of study of a MEng Chemical Engineering degree at The University of Manchester. As I am passionate about contributing to the energy challenges of the future by building on my technical and leadership skills I have gained, I have always been interested in having a career in the Energy Industry, in particular, Shell as it is one of the main energy providers in the world and in my home country that solves the world’s biggest energy challenges. Therefore, Shell’s Spring Week is the best chance for me to not only learn in-depth about Shell and this industry, also to explore the career options that I could undertake at Shell. Also, I look forward to discovering new abilities, enhancing my current skillset and learning new knowledge through workshops, case studies, business simulation games and skill sessions during the programme. More importantly, through networking sessions, I would really love to speak to, gain useful advice and be inspired by the Senior Leaders, recent Shell graduates, the recruitment team as well as learning from other participants.

I believe that my qualities and attributes will enable me to bring unique ideas to Shell’s businesses and fulfil the capabilities of CAR (Capacity, Achievement, and Relationship Skills). During a business challenge, I was assigned as the CEO to lead my team that was going to lead our new company into the future after the recent successful takeover. The previous management team has been retrenched due to integrity issues and incompetency to deliver results. Hence, our common goal was to re-establish our foothold in the market and to achieve effective cost management. Being given tight deadlines and limited amount of time, I made sure that my team immerse ourselves in this business by reading through the business reports and background information. I ensured that everyone was on the same page by organising, deputising, analysing and summarising all the data we had been given. Each team member played a different role in the company, such as CFO and CCO, they had different and multiple tasks with different deadlines. As a CEO, whilst ensuring each team member fulfil their tasks and my expectations, I also created opportunities for each of them to learn things outside their familiarity and comfort zone. Inspired by the idea that leaders create leaders, I also encouraged my team members to take turn to lead the meetings with our investors.

In the middle of the business challenge, I was informed that my role will be swapped with the CEO of another company. This means that I had to join another new company that sells different product and lead another totally new team. Knowing that this sudden change and my unfamiliarity with this new business, new company and new team might delay any current work progress, I quickly understood this new business models inside out by analysing information by communicating with my new team members. I also communicated with the previous CEO of this new company so that I was on the same page and aware of any details that I might have missed out. To overcome the barriers in our working relationship associated with this new change, I invited my new team members for a networking meal so that we could bond and understand better each other’s working style, strengths and weaknesses, which would enhance our team work and efficiency. In the end of the business challenge, under my leadership and our strong team spirit which was established in a short period of time, we emerged as first runner-up. To further maximise our takeaways and from this business challenge, I encouraged each of them to reflect by arranging reflective session.

I hope that my genuine enthusiasm and experience convince you that I am a capable candidate for this opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

<Name Redacted>

Shell Overview

Headquarters: The Hague, Netherlands
Size: 10000+ Employees
Founded: 1907
Type: Company – Public (RDSA)
Industry: Oil & Gas Exploration & Production
Revenue: $10+ billion (USD)

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