Schroders Asset Management Internship Cover Letter

by Mai Le | Feb 11, 2012

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Schroders Asset Management Internship Cover Letter

February 11, 2012

Dear Sir or Madam,


My interest in Asset Management industry, my passion to work in Equity Research, and my well-rounded skill set make me a well-qualified candidate for the Schroders Summer Internship. My participation in this scheme will help me to gain a better understanding of your firm’s culture and working ethics, and will be my first step to realize my long-term career path here.

Having been introduced to Investment Management as early as in my A2 year, I have considered pursuing a career in the City at the very early stage. In order to learn about how the industry works and its challenges ahead, I have attended events of many Investment Banks, including Goldman Sachs, BAML, UBS, Morgan Stanley, HSBCIB, Credit Suisse and Citi. Exploring different divisions within their Investment Management business, I have found my interest in the Investment Research team, especially Equity Research and Economics Research. The role as a Research Analyst aligns to my quantitative research interest, especially in covering technology companies and consumer-based brands, as well as macroeconomics research of emerging markets. I have a passion for Equity Research, because I highly value the competitive edges of the industry-leading information and insight despite the challenges of mistake making in the current economic instability. I chose equity research in over research in academia because I am eager to work closely with financial modeling, work in a team, work along with clients, and cope with constant changes of the market. I have also taken the initiative to experience conducting research in a team, as a Research Associate in LSE Finance Society, and found my fascination in writing reports and financial analysis. Later on, I participated in another Investment Stimulation Program of PIMCO, from which I have learnt the differences and overlaps between investment management activities in Investment Banks and in Asset Management firms, and had an insight into the roles within an Asset Management company.

I believe this is the best time for me to start a career in the industry, as I am eager to face with challenges and shine with my talent and effort. I have been impressed by constant expansion of Schroders for the past 10 years from several acquisitions of other asset management firms worldwide, including Swiss Re Asset Management Funds (Switzerland), Aareal Asset Management GmbH (German), NewFinance Capital (UK) and Beaumont (US). Despite the difficult economic conditions, Schroders has consistently grown and outperformed competitors in the field, for example, with your recent establishment in Chile and the winning of £600m of new asset managed on behalf of the Invista Foundation Property Trust and the Equitable Life Assurance Society. Your strong performance has hugely attracted me, as I would be able to perform and develop my talent based on your stable platform of the traditional banking approach building on trust, integrity and client focus, with the forward transition to the future with the use of technology and modern financial analysis techniques. Another unique feature of Schroders culture that fascinates me is in term of the best talents in the industry you attract and nurture, which creates a competitive workplace with a decent amount of work-life balance and personal development.

Three most essential competencies that will enable me to excel as a summer intern include: attention to details, ability to adapt and analyze new material swiftly, and my excellent communication skills. In term of attention to details, this Christmas I volunteered in the office of Charities Advisory Trust, where I helped sorting and fulfilling orders by making, packaging and sending the cards to customers. I learnt to pay attentions to small details such as order numbers and billing addresses, as well as the presentation and packaging of the cards, to ensure customer satisfactions and on-time delivery. With regards to my ability to learn swiftly and analyze large amount of new materials, when I was the Activity Leader in Embassy CES, a language summer school, everyday I was given about 15 minutes before each activity session to comprehend pages of activity logistics and materials, and used that comprehension to run the activity smoothly afterward. Some contents of activity were completely strange to me, such as baseball and British Street Artists. When I led the students to another cities during full-day trip, besides training my public-speaking skills, I also needed to analyze several reference sheets, maps and tourist info on the coach to guide the students around the cities, which I have yet been to. However, I adapted well with the requirements and any materials given to deliver the best results. My verbal communication skill has been significantly improved by my employment at the LSE Career Service, where I serve up to a thousand students in the weekly hectic career fairs. In term of writing, I have achieved an IELTS score of 8.5/9 with a 9.0 score in Academic Writing (Expert User level), which will ensure the quality of any written piece I conduct. Besides my study and employment, I am involved in many other student societies and volunteering work, to improve upon my skill set, for example, I am currently the Vice President for the M&A Conference Organizing Board of the LSE Investment Society, to organize the world largest student run M&A conference, taking place in November 2012. I also volunteer for the Olympics Games and several other charities to give back to the society. Beside my mother tongue (Vietnamese) and my excellent proficiency in English, I have started to learn Basic Chinese (Mandarin) this year for 6 hours/week, which I would expect myself to be at the business proficiency level when I enter the graduate training scheme.

I am eager to work for Schroders as a summer intern and embark on my long-term career path here. I would therefore welcome an opportunity to meet you and discuss my candidacy in more details.

Yours faithfully,

Mai Le

Schroders Overview

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
Size: 1001 to 5000 Employees
Founded: 1804
Type: Company – Public (SDR)
Industry: Investment Banking & Asset Management
Revenue: $2 to $5 billion (USD)

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Written By Mai Le

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