Morgan Stanley Summer Internship – Sales and Trading Cover Letter Example

by Mai Le | Sep 3, 2018

*** Successful Morgan Stanley Summer Internship Cover Letter contributed by a candidate for Morgan Stanley  Sales and Trading Summer Analyst Programme in London in 2018.  ***

Some first bits on the logistics

  • Who’s the lucky company?
    Morgan Stanley
  • For which division at Morgan Stanley?
    Sales and Trading
  • And for which office?
  • Which year was this Morgan Stanley application?
  • What’s the formal title of the position you applied for?
    Sales & Trading Summer Analyst Programme
  • How were you informed of the subsequent Morgan Stanley interviews?
    HR emailed
  • How long roughly did it take for you to hear back about your offer?
    2 months
  • Via what means did you hear back about this outcome?
  • Is there anything you wish you should have known or prepared for prior to applying to Morgan Stanley?
  • Overall out of 10, how would you evaluate your experience with Morgan Stanley?

Morgan Stanley Sales and Trading Internship Cover Letter

Morgan Stanley 20 Bank St London
E14 4AD

Dear Sir/Madam

I am a Penultimate year student studying Physics at Kings College London and I would like to express my desire to take part in your Sales and Trading summer analyst program.

Finance is a field I always have been interested in. As a junior, I often found myself asking my father about the markets, and what was the role of a bank. The global market is a sector I have taken a great interest in. Being a person that has worked in the retail industry, working in a fast-paced fluid environment is something I have become accustomed to and enjoyed greatly, and working in the global markets division would provide me such an environment. As a keen follower of politics, I do appreciate how current geopolitical stories influence the markets; one story that has my interest is the stand-off between the US and North Korea, and how the Asian markets are standing resilient to this political uncertainty.

My skill set as a physicist and the skills needed for the job are a required fit. Studying physics enabled me to refine my analytical and writing skills, through many hours working in a professional laboratory environment, which are skills that will come in use due to the high numerical aspect of the role of market making. Critical thinking and working under pressure are skills that I have developed through the military through various training, and are skills that I would like to further apply and develop in a professional environment through interning at the global markets desk.

I believe Morgan Stanley is the right firm for me to intern. Not only is it a world-class financial institution, winning multiple awards including the 2017 Profits & Loss Digital FX award for the “Best Trader’s platform”, it is also a firm that gives back. Being one of its core values, the firm is now rooted in communities around the world. Recently Morgan Stanley has built another playground in Baltimore as part of the healthy cities initiative. Being someone that is from a similar background, I appreciate the firm’s effort to help struggling communities, and one of the few financial firms to do so.

Qualities like honesty, integrity and ambition are characteristics I have noticed in your employees whilst attending your London wide networking event. Andrew Foster described Morgan Stanley as a “house full of entrepreneurs”, a quality I see in myself. I have recently started trading on the Forex market, as well as opening a blog site expressing my political views. Ali Tariq explained the importance of the firm’s employees, and described them as “our strongest asset”. He further explained that interns are given responsibility, working side by side with senior level staff, and given an opportunity to learn plenty from them. In addition, the desk rotations will help give me a holistic outlook of not only the role but of the bank itself. The rapid progression opportunities, along with attention to the development of its employees is a reason why I would like to intern at this firm.

Your firm can provide me with an excellent opportunity to fully appreciate working in the forefront of finance and see for myself what it would be like to work at one of the world’s most prestigious institutions. I look forward to hearing from you.


[Name Redacted]



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Written By Mai Le

Mai worked for Goldman Sachs in London for many years as an investment banking associate. When she was at LSE, her seniors used to pass her notes of their interviews as well as their cover letters, which helped her tremendously in her job search. This site is a way for her to pay it forward, obtaining qualified materials from her friends and contributors, and building a similar community to pass the resources on to you.

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