HSBC Women’s Conference Cover Letter for Application

by Mai Le | Nov 6, 2011

***In this post, we share with you a HSBC Women’s Conference Cover Letter. You might gain some ideas from this example when apply for other roles at HSBC as well.***

November 6, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: HSBC Women’s Conference Application

After my research about different insight opportunities offered by HSBC, I have been particularly interested in the HSBC Women’s Conference and would like to offer my candidacy to participate in this program.

Having been a loyal HSBC customer, I have noticed that HSBC is among the few UK banks which expanded their operations to Vietnam, my home country. Working for HSBC means I have the potential to give back and contribute to the my hometown, whether directly or indirectly. Since I started reading Economics in London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE), I have further explored the opportunities that HSBC offers from on-going career fairs and employer presentations. Through the conversations with many HSBC employees, I was aware of the challenges and the pressured environment of banking. Yet I seek to align myself with such a dynamic environment in HSBC, where there is room for continuous improvement and progression, and this has consolidated my decision pursuing a career in the City.

However, I would like to find out the answer for one of the questions that persist in my mind, about how a woman in the banking industry can strike a balance between her personal, family life and the heavy workload in her career. I would like to explore the keys for a woman to be successful in the so-called ‘man’s world’, and network with the outstanding insiders during the networking sessions. I therefore believe the HSBC Women’s Conference would enable me to find the answers of the questions that I have been pondering, and further reinforce my interest in a career with HSBC.

The qualifications I could contribute to HSBC in the future:
•    My excellence in communication: One of my recent achievements is an IELTS overall score of 8.5 (Native Level), especially with band 9 in Academic Writing (Expert Level) and band 8.5 in Speaking (Native Level). This shall ensure the high standard of any  verbal communication, written work or research I conduct.
•    Great attention to details with high level of accuracy in every conduct, which I have been trained from my current employment in the LSE Career Service.
•    Strong passion in research, especially in the field of Finance and Economics, which has been developed from my involvement in the LSE Finance Society as a Research Associate.
•    Commercial awareness: I have been a keen reader of the major financial publications, as well as having the habit of updating myself every morning with what has happened in the market overnight.
•    Ability to work under time constraint and pressure: Since I started my Economics degree, I have taken many positions of responsibility while attaining my academic performance. Facing the time-constraint and pressure from the workload, I have used my time-management skills to successfully manage my job, academic assignments as well as the extra-curricular involvement.
•    Customer service skills, resourcefulness and enthusiasm: During my summer work as an Activity Leader in a language school, I have developed my customer service skills to deal with verbal queries, as well as being resourceful and enthusiastic all the time in leading activities to serve my young customers.

I would welcome an opportunity to meet you to discuss my candidacy at HSBC Women’s Conference in more details. Furthermore, I would like to express my sincere thanks to HSBC Diversity for the provision of this conference.

Yours sincerely,

<Name Redacted>

HSBC Overview

Website  :
Headquarters  :  London, England
Size  :  10000+ employees
Founded  :  1865
Type  :  Company – Public (HSBC)
Industry  :  Finance
Revenue  :  £5 to £10 billion (GBP) per year
Competitors  :  Citibank, J.P. Morgan, Wells Fargo

HSBC would be a real alphabet soup if the company’s name reflected its geographic diversity. One of the world’s largest banking groups by assets, HSBC Holdings owns subsidiaries throughout Europe, Hong Kong and the rest of the Asia/Pacific region, the Middle East and Africa, and the Americas. All told, the company has some 7,500 locations in more than 90 countries. Its activities include consumer and commercial banking, credit cards, private banking, investment banking, and leasing. Its North American operations comprise HSBC USA, HSBC Bank Canada, HSBC Bank Bermuda, and Grupo Financiero HSBC in Mexico.

Mission: Throughout our history we have been where the growth is, connecting customers to opportunities. We enable businesses to thrive and economies to prosper, helping people fulfil their hopes and dreams and realise their ambitions. This is our role and purpose.

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Written By Mai Le

Mai worked for Goldman Sachs in London for many years as an investment banking associate. When she was at LSE, her seniors used to pass her notes of their interviews as well as their cover letters, which helped her tremendously in her job search. This site is a way for her to pay it forward, obtaining qualified materials from her friends and contributors, and building a similar community to pass the resources on to you.

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