Diamler Summer Internship Cover Letter – Logistics and Services

by Mai Le | Jul 17, 2017

*** Successful Diamler Summer Internship Cover Letter Contributed by a Cover Letter Library member from India ***

    • Who’s the lucky company?
      Diamler (Mercedes-Benz)
    • For which division at Diamler (Mercedes-Benz)?
      Logistics and Services (Operations)
    • And for which office?
      India headquarters
    • Which year was this Diamler (Mercedes-Benz) application?
    • What’s the formal title of the position you applied for?
      Summer Intern
    • How long roughly did it take for you to hear back about your offer?
      1.5 months
    • Via what means did you hear back about this outcome?
    • Is there anything you wish you should have known or prepared for prior to applying to Diamler (Mercedes-Benz)?
      That the working hours are insanely long
    • Overall out of 10, how would you evaluate your experience with Diamler (Mercedes-Benz)?
    • Before you go, is there anything else you think will help other candidates get the offer at Diamler (Mercedes-Benz) like you did?
      Having reference/evaluation letters from previous employees will help

Diamler Summer Internship Cover Letter

Hello sir,

My name is <Redacted> and I am applying for the opportunity of the Diamler Summer Internship in India. I am doing a double degree in Mechanical Engineering and Economics at <Redacted University> and I am very interested in the automobile industry. I am currently doing a project on variable intake manifold for the Formula SAE racing team for <Redacted University> and I also have previous experience working with Cummins, inc. and Hella.

Being passionate about automotive engineering, I am actively looking for opportunities to learn and strengthen my understanding in the field. I have a strong background in user oriented design and experience in rigorous research and development. I am currently also a part of a team that is supported by the defense and science organization to build and test 100% autonomous underwater vehicles. I was also the head of mechanical development for a weather balloon satellite as a part of my university project. All these experiences have boosted my interest in design and development and I would like to continue the trend.

As one of the pioneers and the leading automotive manufacturers, I am very interested in doing an internship with Mercedes Benz in Pune during the summer. I have attached my resume and also a reference letter from my previous employer so that you can have a better understanding of my qualifications and an evaluation of my abilities.

I sincerely hope to find an opportunity for such a summer internship position at MB as I am very interested in learning from the best. Please let me know if you require any further documents such as university transcripts or any other information and I will get back immediately.

Hoping for a positive reply,

<Name Redacted>

About Mercedes-Benz

Stuttgart (Germany)
1001 to 5000 employees
$10+ billion (USD) per year
Mercedes-Benz has a history of making history. Since the first car, Mercedes-Benz has set the pace for what all cars might someday become. With an ongoing stream of firsts in safety, performance and driving enjoyment, it’s an ever more exciting roadmap to the future. And while there’s a neverending roster of new achievements, there’s only one reason the world’s first automaker remains first in innovation. Carl Benz said it best: “The love of inventing never dies.” Mercedes-Benz Cars and Mercedes-Benz Vans are business units of Daimler AG.


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