Deloitte Consulting Cover Letter for Financial Analyst Position

by Mai Le | Mar 14, 2018

*** Successful Deloitte Consulting Cover Letter contributed by a candidate for Deloitte Consulting Financial Analyst position in MilanSee associated final round experience here. ***

Deloitte Consulting Cover Letter


Position: Financial Analyst

Deloitte Consulting


Dear Recruitment Team,

I am a recently graduated MSc Finance student from LUISS Guido Carli University, in Rome.

I am writing to express my keen interest in the Financial Analyst position within Deloitte Consulting.

My academic experience has endowed me with a sound training in financial markets analysis and financial modelling techniques, successfully exploited through my awarded master thesis, in which I structured an active management model of CDS indices spreads, by coding in Matlab and Excel. My internship at “Studio Montedoro” has enhanced my knowledge behind accounting dynamics, honing my problem-solving mindset, along with working under tight deadlines, as experienced through my tenure, when I was tasked for the determination of the amount of the forthcoming July tax settlement for Italian SMEs.

Facing with different cultures and people in the international experiences at HÈC Paris and through the study-trip in Gorey, I enriched by a strong sense of multicultural awareness, while strengthening my interpersonal skills. In addition, working part-time at Jacini’s has equipped me with a responsible and proactive personality as well as a strong sense of commitment and professionalism.

Throughout of all my academic experience, I have always been fascinated by the financial markets and the complexities that drive it, pushing me to attend the Algorithmic Trading seminar and attain the Bloomberg BMC certificate. In a volatile and uncertain environment, as we are experiencing nowadays, the financial risk management plays a key role in delivering the best performance to clients. I am really attracted by the Financial Analyst position because it provides a steep learning curve, exhibiting the entry-chance of pursuing a career in a fast-paced environment, where challenging myself endlessly in achieving the next level. As the position requires a problem-solving mindset, hard-work attitude and being a self-starter, I regard myself as the perfect candidate, capable of bringing a real competitive advantage within Deloitte Consulting.

After researching into your company and reading reviews of Deloitte’s employees, I was extremely impressed by your culture of constantly enhancing the employees’ skills, through training courses, workshops or international experiences (as a result of this Deloitte Consulting was top 3 ranked in the Vault Ranking of 2021 Best Accounting firms for Formal Training). I believe that the employee-centricity, along with the chance of being mentored by Deloitte’s professionals would represent a real contribution in developing the own career and freeing the own talent.  All of this has captured my interest and curiosity, urging me to choose PwC as the perfect place where I would open and develop my career.

Thank you for taking your time in reading this. I would very much appreciate any opportunity to further discuss my qualifications, and look forward to hearing from you soon.


<Name Redacted>


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