Deloitte Audit interview – Internship final round interview

by Mai Le | Jan 29, 2020

Report on DeloitteAuditinterview questions from a Cover Letter Librarymember’s experiences. This is based on DeloitteAuditInternfinal roundinterview in Barcelona on 20-12-2019.  There may be some variations depending on the offices or other new updates to the recruitment practice – so please use this for reference/preparation purposes only.

Who’s the lucky company?
For which division?
And for which office?
What’s the formal title of the position you applied for?
When did you apply?
When was this interview?
How were you informed of this interview?
HR called
Were you able to choose the time slot yourself?
And this interview was therefore…
In the afternoon
Was this a … ?
in-person interview
Which stage was this interview?
final roundinterview
How many interviews in total were in this interview?
There were 2 intervews during this process, first a group interview and when successfully passing this one, you were invited to the final 1:1 interview.
How many interviewers were in each interview ?
On the first interview there were 2 Deloitte professional while in the last one only 1.
How long did this interview process take in total then?
2 months in total, and you received updates after the interviews pretty quick
Were there any personal / CV-based questions? If yes, what were they?
1) Why did you choose to study your degree?
2) Tell me about this internship
3) Tell me about a situation in which you had to work in a team and it was a successfull experience.
Were there any competencies questions? If yes, what were they?
1) Could you do an elevator speech to me? Present yourself.
2) Could you tell what is the delta of an option?
3) Are you familiarized with the P/E ratio?
Were there any technical questions? If yes, what were they?
1) If company A has a P/E ratio of 10, and company B has a P/E ratio of 20, which one would you buy and why
What was the most difficult / unusual question among these? How did you deal with it?
The most difficult question was the delta of an option one. I had to first explain what was a financial instrument to make some time and think about what could the delta be, and I finally remembered the concept.
Any other weird questions we haven’t covered?
A very weird fact i that they didn’t asked my why Deloitte or why Audit, and they only focused on my skills and knowledge .
What was the most unexpected thing about this interview or whole process?
The most unexpected thing was to have a first question about the non-profit association that I had created last year. I was certainly expecting to be asked about that, but just not to be the first thing we would be talking about.
Did you get the offer?
How long roughly did it take for you to hear back about your offer?
4 days
Via what means did you hear back about this outcome?
Is there anything you wish you should have known or prepared for prior to applying to this company?
I wish I had known what would the group interview be like (basically problem solving skills in team and asses how keen you are at working with others). As for the last interview, it would have been useful to know that they would focus on both personal and technical questions, but it was not necessary to do research on the company.
Overall, out of 10, how would you evaluate your experience applying to this company?
Finally, before you go, is there anything else you think will help other candidates get the offer here like you did?
Just prepare yourself very well and try to stay relaxed during both interviews. It is very important you act as a good team-player and show, to a certain extent, leadership skills as well.


Deloitte Overview

Headquarters: New York, NY
Size: 10000+ Employees
Founded: 1850
Type: Company – Private
Industry: Accounting
Revenue: $10+ billion (USD)

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