Credit Suisse Investment Banking – Autumn Internship Cover Letter

by Mai Le | Nov 7, 2017

*** Successful Credit Suisse Investment Banking Division Autumn Internship Cover Letter contributed by a Cover Letter Library member, bonus with some Assessment Centre details ***

Some first bits on the logistics of the interview at Credit Suisse Investment Banking Division







    • Were you able to choose the time slot yourself?


  • And this interview was therefore…
    Lasted the whole freaking day





Let’s talk about this Assessment Centre at Credit Suisse in some details

    • What’s the format of the day?
      2 rounds of interviews in one day. 1st round with VP and below (mainly competency). If made it through, 2nd round was in the afternoon. D+ interviews with 1 case study


    • Were there any case study? Tell us about it.
      Estimate the market for sports clothes


    • Was there any group presentation / discussion?
    • How many interviewers were in each interview and in total?
    • Were there any personal / CV-based questions? If yes, what were they?
      Yes – the basic competencies, nothing surprising
    • Were there any technical questions? If yes, what were they?
    • Did you get the offer?


  • How long roughly did it take for you to hear back about this outcome?
    1 day


  • Via what means did you hear back about this outcome?



    • Is there anything you wish you should have known or prepared for prior to this Assessment Centre at Credit Suisse?
      No – I’ve prepared for everything



  • Before you go, is there anything else you think will help other candidates ace this Assessment Center at Credit Suisse?
    Speak to many CS analysts and network. Have a story to tell.

Cover Letter for Credit Suisse Investment Banking – Autumn Internship application

REF: 2015 Credit Suisse Investment Banking Division Autumn InternshipLondon

To whom this may concern,

My name is <REDACTED> and I’m in my final year of reading economics at <REDACTED>. I have previously met <REDACTED> from <REDACTED> and got to learn of your impressive culture values as well as the breadth of your company’s investment portfolio. I therefore, am very interested in pursuing a graduate analyst role with your firm and have enclosed my CV for careful consideration.

It has been my long-term goal to pursue a career in the financial industry and particularly within the investment advisory arena. This interest stemmed from my degree and work experiences as they gave me a great insight into a career involving data analysis, sales and client interactions. Throughout my studies, I have interned at various FTSE 100 companies, both as an analyst and sales representative. Not only I was able to demonstrate strong interpersonal communication and good judgement, I also understood the importance of developing client relations, generating revenue and how to respond to the needs of clients.

Having worked for medium and small sized corporations previously, it is my desire to join a larger firm where deadlines are prioritised and handling multiple jobs simultaneously is the norm. Credit Suisse’s strong reputation, its people and unique business activities attracted me to the firm greatly. One example is Credit Suisse’s involvement in infrastructure market that focuses on long-term investment as well as social development of wider communities, and for these reasons, Credit Suisse is the ideal place where my diverse experiences are best suited.

Given my background in finance and sales, combine with a keen eye for details and analytical ability, I am a good fit for your firm’s intern programme. I am confident that with my capabilities, I can make an immediate and valuable contribution to the live projects at Credit Suisse Investment Banking as well as the growth strategy of your firm.

I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to discuss my credentials and qualifications at your earliest convenience. I am reachable via email <REDACTED> or mobile phone <REDACTED>. Thank you very much for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,


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Written By Mai Le

Mai worked for Goldman Sachs in London for many years as an investment banking associate. When she was at LSE, her seniors used to pass her notes of their interviews as well as their cover letters, which helped her tremendously in her job search. This site is a way for her to pay it forward, obtaining qualified materials from her friends and contributors, and building a similar community to pass the resources on to you.

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