Bloomberg Analytics and Sales Spring Internship Application Questions and Answers

by Mai Le | Jan 10, 2021

Successful BloombergSpring Internship Application contributed by a candidate for Bloomberg LP Analytics and Sales/Global Data Spring Internship in London on 10-03-2020.

Bloomberg Spring Internship Application

Please explain why you wish to pursue a career at Bloomberg

I had the opportunity to gain insight into Bloomberg during the SEOLondon First Year Fast Track programme. I was impressed with Aurelie Herrero’s enthusiasm for Bloomberg as a firm and as a workplace. The fact that Bloomberg was the only firm with female representatives to give presentations throughout the programme convinced me that Bloomberg is truly committed in upholding diversity and inclusion. As an Asian female, I wish to pursue a career where diversity is welcomed, and Bloomberg seems to be such place.

I have come to know of the steep learning curve at Bloomberg. I identify myself as an inquisitive person, having spent my last summer to learn Mandarin. I look forward to enhancing my skills during the spring week at Bloomberg.

Why do you want to work in the FinTech industry?

My interest in the FinTech industry primarily stems from its multinational environment. It is a transnational industry which deals with clients from all over the world. Having spent my life in five different countries and capable of fluently speaking Korean, English, and French, I am convinced that I will excel in such an industry.

The innovative spirit of the industry is another factor that attracts me. The growing influence of fintech, starting from mobile payments to professional devices such as the Bloomberg Terminal made me want to take part in the movement. I am certain that I will enjoy working in such a dynamic industry, as my past proves that I embrace challenges and that I am forefront in trying out something new.

What is your understanding of the Analytics and Sales Department? 

The Analytics Department aims to render the Terminal more accessible and effective as a tool to analyze the financial market by answering queries and by suggesting practical solutions. It is therefore crucial to have a good understanding of the clients’ needs and to be able to provide prompt guidance from the clients’ perspective.

The Sales Department manages positive relationship with clients whilst expanding the scope of the business by looking for new opportunities across countries and industries. Constant networking with the clients guarantees continuity of service and helps to set the pathway for Bloomberg’s further innovation, by reflecting on clients’ requirements.

What is your understanding of the Global Data Department?

The Global Data Department is a vital part of Bloomberg as it supplies the data into The Terminal. The department integrates data and process it according to the customer needs. This helps clients to understand the financial market and to make accurate decisions as it facilitates the analysis of data. The department’s responsibility extends to directly improving the quality of the services: it answers clients’ data related queries whilst enhancing the operating system by implementing technology solutions.

Please indicate your preference for a career in either Global Data or Analytics & Sales and why?

I would like to start my career in Analytics & Sales. This is primarily because there is more opportunity to engage with clients. After spending summer vacation working as a waitress at a fine-dining restaurant, I realized that I have an aptitude in client-facing jobs. I enjoyed providing appropriate solutions to a wide array of queries and gained a great sense of accomplishment helping the clients, ultimately improving their experience at the restaurant. I am aware that the nature of the queries is very different in the fintech industry. Yet, it remains the same that I will be providing guidance from the clients’ perspective and make efforts to understand their needs.

Good luck with your Bloomberg Spring Internship Application!


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Written By Mai Le

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