British American Tobacco Human Resource Internship Cover Letter

by Mai Le | Feb 28, 2012

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British American Tobacco Cover Letter

February 28, 2012

Dear Sir or Madam,


My interest in Human Resource, my eagerness to face the challenges of the work of HR in a reputable FTSE100 company and my well-rounded skill set make me a well-qualified candidate for your HR internship. By participating in this program, I will be able to contribute my relevant skills and experience to work on projects of your needs.

During the current period of economic uncertainty, British American Tobacco (BAT) has constantly retained its strong performance with pre-tax profit increase from £4.4b to £4.9b reported in the annual report in December 2011. Your FTSE100 share price has constantly kept its upward trend and been rated as ‘outperformed’, a consensus forecast by analysts, quoted by the Financial Times for the past month, which is attributed to the company persistently strong performance. A career with BAT appeals even more to me because of your global coverage and predominant market position, especially in Vietnamese tobacco market – where I could potentially be based in the future. I am also fascinated by the heavy investment of BAT into communities worldwide, and your serious commitment in conducting a responsible and sustainable business. I, therefore, wish to commit to a career with BAT – a global company, who will demand my excellent performance to the highest extent, but will also provide me with global opportunities, fascinating challenges and a motivating and competitive working environment.

Having attended many diversity and recruitment events of different firms, apart from learning about different business lines, I understand the important role of HR in representing the face of the business and the culture of the firm as soon the candidate walks through the door. However, from my further research, I have gradually learnt about many different roles within HR division. I discovered that I fit well in that complex structure, since I work at my best with problem-solving, teaching, motivating and interacting with people. At the time when many consumer-based firms are under austerity measures and reforms, Human Resource in fast moving consumer good (FMCG) company is in a transition from the personnel-supporting service, to a more strategic partnering role in alignment with the business cost-cutting strategy. These changes are very fascinating to me as I am naturally attracted to the business challenges in the time of difficult economic and political conditions with the constant changes in policies. Moreover, by working for BAT, I will be able to gain the first-hand understanding of the similarities and differences between Human Resources management in FMCG sector and in other industries. HR in BAT appears to be an even more interesting career for me because of your friendly people-oriented culture with a hugely diverse range of talented individuals. My passion and suitability for a career in HR have helped me gain the Spring Internship in HR Division of Bank of America Merrill Lynch over this Easter break. This HR internship will equip me with relevant knowledge and skills, which I could bring to BAT during your internship in summer.

Three most essential qualities that I will contribute to the team are strategic thinking, proficiency in the use of technology and media, as well as my excellence in communication and people skills. Firstly, my strategic thinking skills have been developed from many extra-curricular activities I am involved in. For example, currently, I work as the Vice President of the Event organizing board in the LSE Investment Society, to organize the largest student-run M&A conference in the UK in November. I have used my strategic thinking skills to firstly, maximize the number of sponsorships for the conference and secondly, figure out a strategy of the corporation with other societies to improve the publicity of the conference. At the same time, I also need to be aware of any possibility of competition and propose the actions to take over other possible competitors, as well as taking care of the risk-management analysis of the event. In addition to that, I am very proficient in using technology and media. Beside my advanced proficiency in the office software packages of both Windows and Mac platforms, I have recently won the first prize of the ‘UK in my eyes’ competition organized by the British Council, with the creation of a video entry promoting studying in the UK. I am also working as the Rich Media and Communication Intern in the LSE Web Services, where I receive more of comprehensive IT training and support. This level of IT proficiency of mine will be of great help in mastering the electronic communication across different levels of the organization. With reference to communication, my verbal communication skills have significantly improved since I started working at the LSE Career Service, where I serve up to a thousand students in the weekly hectic career fairs. My excellent written communication skill is also evident with a maximum score of 9/9 in Academic Writing (Expert User Level) in the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam, which will ensure the high standard of any written piece I conduct. My ability to deal with people of different backgrounds is evident from the high exposure of mine to teaching and volunteering experiences when I work with a diverse range of people. For example, I had experience working in an international summer language school as well as volunteering in the Olympics Games, dealing with worldwide visitors. This has further consolidated my interest in people, trained me to open to new ideas and culture, as well as be flexible to meet people’s demand and expectations.

I am eager to work for BAT as an intern and embark on my passion for HR as my long-term career. I would, therefore, welcome an opportunity to meet you and discuss my candidacy in more details.

Yours faithfully,

[Name Redacted]

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Written By Mai Le

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